The Stomach Is


The stomach is upset.

The brain is buzzing.

The anxiety is building.

So are the tears.

So are all of my feelings,

All of my fears.

The added stress on top of it all

This ginormous wall

I can’t get past.

I don’t know how.

Please tell me.

I don’t want to feel this way.

I’m tired.

I try to climb the wall

I’m out of breath, panting.

The wall appears impenetrable.

I wish it would just disappear.

There’s no hope.

Others try and help, but they fail as well.

They’re frustrated too.

It’s not their fault; the wall is solid stone.

I don’t have the tools to break it down.

So I just sit and fester.


At the granite grey rectangles.

Forever in my point of view.


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