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Anonymous submissions now have visuals, consciously crafted by us to provide a feel for content before reading. We believe content warnings are a modern common courtesy, and through color theory research have updated our own system to represent some of the nuanced topics our writers cover in their beautiful stories.

Everything we do with the submissions is intentional and careful, from editing to titling, to now creating imagery. It feels special to have a mindfully made visual to represent my own story, and I hope other writers will feel similarly.

Cariann & Madeline


Midnight Woman is an anonymous submission platform. You anonymously submit, our team edits it, and then we publish it to our platform. All of our work resides online.

Midnight Woman is not officially allied with any sect, denomination, political entity, organization, or institution. Our anonymous content covers topics such as mental health, trauma, and self-reflection; however, we  have no topic restrictions. There is no price for submitting. 



Writing is and can be many things for both reader and writer. It can be a process of discovery, the lifting of a burden, a shout into the void, encouragement of self or others, an archive of emotion, an explanation, a cry for help.

Our platform makes room for the types of writing described above. We have no content guidelines, and no length restrictions or requirements; we just ask that you keep things anonymous. We also generally ask that the writing be personal (meaning we don’t publish much narrative fiction). 

We have a lot of potential submitters tell us, 'I’m not a good writer.' At Midnight Woman we think quite the opposite. We think that everyone has something to say.

We created Midnight Woman as a place where people could connect over what’s happened to them (good, bad, or both). The American poet Jane Kenyon wrote in her diaries, “Why do we want to write? What is behind this crazy impulse? The wish to connect with others, on a deep level, about inward things.”  We take great inspiration from this.



As a resource for our community, we started an online magazine called l’Odet. This publication is not anonymous. There, we talk to exceptional people about their lives. Our features are intimate, comfortable, and approachable. Read here.

Contact us directly at goldie@midnight-woman.com.

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