color key — blue: mental health; purple: spirituality. contrast of light and dark correlates with bright and somber tones of voice.

Take The Long Way

Take The Long Way

Take The Long Way

Take The Long Way

Why don’t you let me rest?

Lay me down to sleep

Pray rosaries for my purgatory

Burn my flesh until I’m nothing,  but dust

Wear black to the land of the dead

Bury me six feet under and kiss the dirt

Shake my mother’s hand and give her your most sincere condolences

Afterwards, attend an eerie service,  filled with meals made at the grocery store

Leave early and don’t look my sister in the eye when you say goodbye

Drive home and take the long way

See the greens I once loved and the sunsets I adored

Let this be the last time you think of me

Pray for my soul one last time

And, dear god, just let me sleep

© Midnight Woman 2021