color key — blue: mental health; green: self-reflection. the contrast of light and dark correlates with bright and somber tones of voice.

This Will Fix Me

This Will Fix Me

This Will Fix Me

This Will Fix Me

cw: self-injurous behavior. If you had a missing limb they would’ve listened 

If you had cried in pain every night and robbed them a good night’s sleep they would’ve believed you

If you were deformed and freakish-looking they would’ve pitied you and prayed for you; from afar, but still empathetic enough

If you were blind a hundred strangers would be fighting over helping you cross the street

If you were deaf they would’ve learned sign language just to show you they care

If you were handicapped they would carry your weight every day — both metaphorically and literally

If your organs were busted they would sell their souls to get you brand new ones

If you had a tumor they would render you a hero, wear ribbons for you, pray for you, donate for you, and cry for you

If you are autistic they leave you alone

If you are schizophrenic they run away from both of you

If you are catatonic they put you in a straight jacket and trap you among some padded walls

If you are anxious they offer you green tea and some motivational quotes and blame you for not feeling relaxed

If you are depressed they offer you internet jokes and eventually get bored of the sound of you not laughing and walk away

If you are anorexic they offer you judgement, hateful looks of disgust, and food

If you are bipolar they are only around you exactly half the time, exactly half your life

If you are obsessive compulsive they ask you to stop acting like the cool geniuses in the movies

If you are not okay inside but full-on glamorous on the outside just swallow up these emotions like a man and get over yourself! Take a pill and get over your PMS, lady! Resolve your work troubles; this shall fix your mood and you will stop complaining! Go dancing, have a few drinks, hook up with a stranger - you just need a change!

Yes. This will fix me. I’ll keep telling myself that.

© Midnight Woman 2021