color key — blue: mental health. the contrast of light and dark correlates with bright and somber tones of voice.

To: A Tired Young Girl

To: A Tired Young Girl

To: A Tired Young Girl

To: A Tired Young Girl

To: A tired young girl

I am a woman — I smile, I laugh, I love. Love is a funny thing.

It has a way of making you feel like you're on cloud nine and embraces you into a warm, comforting hug. It makes you take in every second of this beautiful life and wish you could live in the moment forever, with whoever or whatever you're sharing that moment with. 


Love can be complicated. It can make you put your trust into the wrong people. It can be manipulated and make you feel ashamed, guilty, and anxious. It can make you hate and blame yourself for thinking that what happened to you was your fault. Then you dig yourself into a hole that seems impossible to get out of, and feel yourself slowly suffocating.

Well, I am here to tell you it is not your fault. You did not do a damn thing wrong. You put your trust in the wrong people and they took advantage of you. 

You cried, you died inside, you wanted to crawl out of your skin and escape from it all. It is now time to let it go. Inhale. Exhale. Clear your mind, and finally let it all rest in the past.

Live the life that you were meant to live. Slowly learn how to love again. Regain your confidence. Smile as the sun sets. Enjoy the cleansing nature of the rain — let it wash away and give birth to the new you. 

This new era may be scary, you may need to leave some old friends behind, but it's okay. You'll find your way. When you start to feel like you can't breathe, remember all of those who truly love you and have always been there for you. They support you. You support you. You can do it. 

From: Someone who is ready to grow

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