color key — red: abuse; yellow: relationships. contrast of light and dark correlates with bright and somber tones of voice.

You Can Never Return

You Can Never Return

You Can Never Return

You Can Never Return

That night I fell upon your floor

Intoxicated by the midnight air

You pushed me through your door

Running your fingers through my hair 


You were as fast as lightning

While I lay there in slow motion 

I didn’t push you away 

You took something you can never return 

Ripping me apart 

Blinding me with words 

You whispered in my ears 


Did I give you the illusion 

This was what I wanted?

Did my body say something

My mouth could not convey?


Whilst I lay motionless 

Upon your mattress

Under the weight of you 

On top of me


My soul cried out in agony 

Mourning the last ounce 

Of childhood innocence

You took away from me

© Midnight Woman 2021